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Funny & Relatable New Year Memes for Mums by THE MUM UNIFORM

Funny Memes Mum Mum Life

1. Plans for New Years?

2. Don't post your New Year's resolutions to social media... Here's why!

3. Me, knowing nothing changes at midnight...

4. Husband: "So, what's out plan for New Years?" Me: Still recovering from hosting Christmas.

5. Plans for New Years?

6. New Year... New Me? OR Same Shit different year?

7. Who is saving on coffee this year? It always seems to taste better as takeaway

8. It's all about the Mum Life Comfort these days. 

9. Those New Year Fireworks hit different when you become a mum and they keep your kids awake. 

10. Husband's new year resolutions have got me callin bullshit this early on in the year. Nice trying though.

11. Cheers to that! See you on the other side as we wait for our kids to be self-sufficient and old enough for them to wipe their own butts.

12. Thats a no thanks and pass...

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